Salmon Sampler - Minneapolis

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Salmon Sampler - Minneapolis

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4+ lbs Fresh Salmon Fillet, 8 oz Smoked King Salmon & Bristol Bay Seasoning Blend
$145.00. Order by December 16th.

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From Grant Niver in Bristol Bay Alaska
Bristol Bay is the largest remaining wild salmon fishery in the world and home to Surrender Salmon. With their dad at the helm, Grant and his brothers fish on their family fishing vessel, Surrender. June to August is peak salmon season, and the Nivers have fine-tuned their process for catching, cleaning and preserving the finest in Alaskan salmon. They have a refrigerated boat. They remove all of the pin bones and they portion each fillet into 6- to 8-ounce serving packs. They’re vacuum sealed and flash frozen to maintain premium flavor and freshness. Bake, broil or grill — this salmon is a crowd-pleaser! Have a hankerin’ for a little smoke on your salmon? Well, Surrender Smoked Salmon has a soft, smoky flavor that’s great for your next party or, better still, how about a few flakes with your eggs Saturday morning? Hello! That’s the way to start your Saturday!
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