Team Building

Looking for a totally unique way to bring your group together? We’ve got you covered. After years of working on these activated learning events, we’re confident in saying they’re an experience you can only find at Cooks of Crocus Hill. It’s a facilitated learning exercise combined with an over-the-top cooking and dining event.

All activated learning experiences last 3 hours. We can accommodate a maximum of 24 hands-on participants (unless otherwise agreed upon). The chef welcomes the group, explains the “rules” of the team building activator you’ve selected, and assigns teams. Each team works together to prepare courses of the menu. When the food is ready, teams present their dishes to the entire group before sitting down to a wonderful meal. Last but not least, our culinary team facilitates a guided discussion to conclude the experience.

Elements of Communication
Teams are divided up and given different communication challenges. One team might not be able to talk, where another team has a designated recipe reader. The Chef might also toss a “little sizzle” in the mix to show how listening also is a key function in communicating. Groups must work as one to accomplish their respective menu items in a timely and tasteful fashion.

Managing all Resources
Following a recipe is easy. Throwing in a mystery ingredient? Not so much! Two teams compete to create the perfect meal. The twist: a last minute ingredient! Don’t forget a prize for the winning team!

Creative Leadership Challenge
Teams are formed and each group selects a leader. The leader takes the reins to coordinate the group’s cooking assignment. Over time, the chef shuffles the leadership within the original teams. New challenges arise as the kitchen situation changes. What happens next is determined by all the outstanding factors.

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