We believe that each of granddameour customers is on their own, unique culinary journey. From children to novice to experienced professional to people who just like to eat, our mission is to have something for everyone here at Cooks of Crocus Hill.

We offer:

  • Guest Chefs – Our kitchens have been graced with the likes of Jacques Pepin, Thomas Keller, Marcus Samuelsson, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Stephen Pyles and Diana Kennedy
  • Kid Classes – Classes for kids
  • Techniques Classes – Mastering Sauces, Grilling, Soups and Stocks
  • Learn To Cook Series – Professional Approach to the Basics, How to Boil Water
  • Life Recipe – A healthy culinary journey
  • Local Restaurateurs – Lucia Watson, JP Sammuelson, JD Fratzke, Jack Riebel, Brenda Langton
  • Local Authors – Zoë François, Andrew Zimmern, Robin Asbell
  • Cooking Club – An evening where you can connect with friends and cook together
  • Dinner Classes – For those who like to eat.  Scotch and Steak, Salmon and Pinot
  • Wine Classes – ABC’s of Wine
  • Ethnic Classes – Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian
  • Lunch Classes – Hanging with Mary Lou
  • Sunday Supper – Once a month we cook dinner and invite you and your family