Do you know your grower? We know ours. Our crop shares are hand selected to represent the region’s best fruits, ricknelson-startribvegetables, meats and cheeses, all from small producers who not only practice sustainable and humane farming techniques, but also furnish the kind of top-quality goods you just can’t get from larger commercial operations.

PLEASE NOTE: Crop shares sell out quickly. Order early. Supplies are limited.

Because we rely on Mother Nature to cooperate with us, we hope we can assume the same from you. Please be aware that delivery dates and prices are subject to change. Occasionally, Mother Nature damages the crop such that we are unable to deliver. If that’s the case, we will refund any deposits.

From Au Bon Canard in Caledonia, MN

Imagine a simple frisée salad with a poached egg and applewood-smoked bacon bits, followed by a flavorful Pinot Noir served with pan-crisped duck confit and a side of sautéed potatoes. Ooh, la la … we’re in the mood for love! Owners Christian Gasset and Elizabeth Gibson-Gasset of Au Bon Canard in Caledonia, Minnesota, hand-feed and tend their poultry according to time-honored family tradition. Their small flocks of pasture-raised ducks are cared for without antibiotics, dietary supplements, appetite stimulants or growth-promoting hormones. This is a gourmet product that’s as pure and natural as you’ll find.

$50.00 (Four Duck Legs and 3 lbs. Duck Fat.)

$80.00 (Four Duck Breasts.)

$75.00 (One Lobe of Foie Gras, approximately 1 1/4 lb.)

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Peterson Limousin Farms in Osceola, WI

At their home farm near the St. Croix River, Wayne and Christine, along with their children Andy, Elizabeth and Ryan, raise antibiotic- and growth hormone-free heritage breed cattle that are custom harvested for their customers. Limousin beef is already well known for its lean, tasty meat and the Peterson’s take it one step further by dry aging the beef for two weeks, further tenderizing concentrating the flavor of the meat.  With their ¼ Beef you can keep your freezer filled with tasty beef all winter long!

$58 (Limousin Ground Beef, 10 lbs.)

$110 (Winter Braiser Pack, approximately 12 lbs total, includes 4 pounds each  brisket, osso buco, and bone-in short ribs)

$4.99 per pound (1/4 Limousin Beef, hanging weight approximately 180 lbs.)

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Fischer Farms in Waseca, MN

One of Minnesota’s top pork farmers, Tim Fischer raises his Yorkshires, Hampshires, Berkshires and Durocs in the same way as his great-great grandfather. We’re not sure if his ancestor garnered big ol’ smooches whenever he dropped off bacon, ribs and chops, but we hope so — we sure embrace Fischer whenever he rings the store’s delivery doorbell. Those slabs of thick-cut bacon, racks of St. Louis ribs and smoked chops inspire devotion wherever he goes.

$48.00 Thick-Cut Bacon (Six lbs. Applewood Smoked Bacon.)

$385 (If you’re ready for the whole (half) hog, you’ll get around 65lbs: 18 1” Bone in Chops, 2 Bone In Half Hams, 2 4lb shoulder roasts, 6-8 lbs bacon, 1 lb slab bacon, 1 rack st Louis ribs, 2 fresh hocks, 3lbs bacon brats, 3 lbs breakfast links and 2-3lbs ground pork. All amounts are approximate.)

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From various farms

Winter may be dark and dreary in Minnesota, but the sun shines bright with Cooks’ citrus shares.  From bright and lovely mineolas to tart Rio Star Grapefruit, Cooks has you covered for candied citrus peels, super snacks and joyful juices. We may not be able to bottle up tropical sunshine but this is the next best thing!

$45 Texas Grapefruit (nine large fruits per box, approximately 9 to 10 pounds).

$45 Blood Oranges (twelve large fruits per box, approximately 5 to 6 pounds).

$45 Mineolas (12 large fruit—also known as Honey Doll tangelos—per box, approximately 5 pounds).

$50 Winter Fruit Mix (10 pounds mixed winter fruit, including apples, pears, kumquats, blood oranges and specialty citrus).

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Bar 5 Meat & Poultry in Arlington, MN

What does family tradition and loving stewardship taste like? Well, kind of like a perfect breakfast. The Wemeier family farm has been operating for six generations, with its own certified on-farm plant and smokehouse, producing meat and poultry with no antibiotics, hormones, by-products, or nitrates. And the handmade sausage? Deeply addictive. We’ve paired up with this dedicated farm to offer a fantastic sampler of breakfast sausage that you simply can’t miss.

$30 Chicken Breakfast Sausage Sampler (Six links each of Lizzies’ Links (traditional), Apple Snaps (apple-cinnamon), Blueberry, Maple, and Turkey/Egg/Hashbrown.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.