Do you know your grower? We know ours. Our crop shares are hand selected to represent the region’s best fruits, ricknelson-startribvegetables, meats and cheeses, all from small producers who not only practice sustainable and humane farming techniques, but also furnish the kind of top-quality goods you just can’t get from larger commercial operations.

PLEASE NOTE: Crop shares sell out quickly. Order early. Supplies are limited.

Because we rely on Mother Nature to cooperate with us, we hope we can assume the same from you. Please be aware that delivery dates and prices are subject to change. Occasionally, Mother Nature damages the crop such that we are unable to deliver. If that’s the case, we will refund any deposits.

From Callister Farm in West Concord, MN

This noble French breed is known as the “Freedom Ranger” in the chicken-rearing world, and has become a favorite among Cooks staffers. Callister Farm gives them a strong, healthful upbringing in a clean, comfortable barn, using no antibiotics or growth stimulants. They’re good foragers, and they take a while to get up to a good size, which gives them firmer, more flavorful meat. Get a taste of these plucky little guys while you have the chance.

$5.25 per lb. (three Chickens, 4–5 lbs. each). $40 deposit required. Pick up early July, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Rocky Mountain Peach Company in Palisade, CO

Nurtured on a small family farm that’s focused on sustainable growing practices for the past 40 years, these juicy Redhaven peaches are only available for a brief time every year, making every bite into a luxurious treat. Quick-shipped to Cooks within hours of harvest, these luscious beauties are perfect for snacking, canning or freezing. They also make excellent bribes, peace offerings, or marriage proposals. Believe us, no one can resist such sweetness.

$55.00 (20 lbs.) Pick up early August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Kokopelli Peach Farm in Palisade, CO

Certified organic Roza peaches are known for their balance of sweet and tangy flavors, with a gorgeous rosy hue. It’s a top pick for canning and liqueurs, but of course it really stands out for its juicy, succulent taste as a snack. Or maybe an entire meal (we won’t tell). A third-generation family farm, Kokopelli offers an assortment of fruits and vegetables, but our favorite will always be these organic peaches, because we turn them into white stone fruit sangria, roasted peach salsa, and peach crostata. Seriously amazing.

$75.00 (20 lbs.) Pick up early August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Au Bon Canard in Caledonia, MN
Happy, well-loved ducks run the farm at Au Bon Canard, a small family idyll where owners Christian Gasset and Elizabeth Gibson-Gasset hand-feed and care for their poultry according to time-honored traditions. Their flocks of pasture-raised ducks are raised without antibiotics, dietary supplements, appetite stimulants or growth hormones. The result? Sumptuous flavors, whether you’re making pan-crisped duck confit, duck grilled over cherry wood, or civet de canard. The farm is also one of the very few producers of artisanal foie gras in the country, and the gentle care the Gassets show for their ducks shines through in the rich delicacy.

$50.00 (Four Duck Legs and 3 lbs. Duck Fat.) Pick up late September, all locations.

$80.00 (Four Duck Breasts.) Pick up late September, all locations.

$75.00 (One Lobe of Foie Gras, approximately 1 lb.) Pick up late September, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Peterson Limousin Farms in Osceola, WI

Originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France, Limousin cattle are well known for their natural leanness, while still retaining plenty of tenderness and flavor. Lucky for us, sampling some of this delectable beef doesn’t require a drive-time Rosetta Stone course in French. Family farmers Wayne and Christine Peterson, along with their three children, raise these heritage breed cattle without antibiotics or hormones, and kick up the flavor even more by dry-aging the beef for two weeks. Your grill will practically weep with gratitude.

$58.00 (Ten Pounds Ground Beef.) Pick up late September, all locations.

$78.00 Griller Sampler (Four 8-oz. Flatiron Steaks; two 15-oz. Bone-In Rib-Eye Steaks; four 1-lb. packages ground beef.) Pick up late September, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Fischer Farms in Waseca, MN

One of Minnesota’s top pork farmers, Tim Fischer raises his Yorkshires, Hampshires, Berkshires and Durocs in the same way as his great-great grandfather. We’re not sure if his ancestor garnered big ol’ smooches whenever he dropped off bacon, ribs and chops, but we hope so — we sure embrace Fischer whenever he rings the store’s delivery doorbell. Those slabs of thick-cut bacon, racks of St. Louis ribs and smoked chops inspire devotion wherever he goes.

$48.00 Thick-Cut Bacon (Six lbs. of Tim Fischer’s best.) Pick up mid-September, all locations.

$98.00 Ribs and Chops (Four smoked chops, four regular chops, two racks St. Louis Ribs, 2 Racks Baby Back Ribs. Each item serves four.) Pick up late August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Bice & Sons Berry Farm in Waseca, MN

Black walnuts are prized by bakers and cooks for their intense, slightly bitter flavor, but they’re tough to find. Even harder? Bringing them to the table: they’re hulled, washed, fan-dried, cured and then cracked to collect the “meat” inside the notoriously hard shells, in a months-long process that would make any home chef weary. Skip the work and enjoy the harvest anyway, with a pound of this rare delicacy.

$15.00 (One lb.) Pick up mid-August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From Bice & Sons Berry Farm in Waseca, MN

Farmer Josh Bice and his family planted a slew of raspberries in 2007, and they’ve only expanded since then, resulting in banks of gorgeous berry plants, each dotted with juicy, red raspberries. These sweet and luscious treats are perfect for late-summer desserts, cocktails and salads. And of course, they make an addictive little snack. Make edible finger puppets, or drop a few into a glass of chilled champagne — there are no wrong answers here.

$5.50 (One pt.) Pick up mid-August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.

From French Lake Farmer in Annandale, MN

We could go on and on about the notable organic growing practices of French Lake — no sprays or chemicals, naturally gathered mulch, sustainable vertical gardening — but really, it all comes down to the tomatoes. And holy cats, are these some mind-blowingly delicious heirlooms, each bursting with impressive flavor in an array of varieties that boast subtle taste differences and gorgeous colors. Delivered at peak ripeness, these beauties are perfect for fall canning or salsa creation, to lock in some summer taste before the chill begins again.

$40.00 (Ten lbs. Assorted Heirloom Tomatoes.) Pick up late August, all locations.

Order online or call to order at 651-228-1333.